Who is Forth and why are you debiting my account?

Forth is a dedicated account administrator and processor for clients who are enrolled in debt relief programs. Your agreement with Forth, the Account Agreement, was signed at the same time you signed up with a debt settlement company.

Why do I have to use Forth?

Forth is your account administrator, which ensures that your funds are being held in an FDIC insured account that is not accessible by your service provider without your authorization.

Why are there two companies handling the program?

Your debt settlement company is responsible for negotiation and program related inquiries. Forth is an independent company that administers your dedicated account and disburses funds to pay your program fees and creditors.

I want to change my payment date or amount.

Please contact your debt settlement company and they can discuss the options available to change your program. Keep in mind that significant changes to your monthly payments may impact pending settlement agreements and/or offers in process with your creditors. It is important that you discuss this request with your debt settlement company to prevent any issues that may arise as a result of any changes

Is the company I enrolled with compliant?

We take all consumer complaints very seriously at Forth and only work with the most compliant service providers in the debt settlement industry. Our company and all the companies we service strictly adhere to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) & Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) guidelines set forth for the debt settlement industry.

What is the bank name my funds are being held by?

Your funds are being held in an FDIC insured account under Forth at South State Bank.

Where are you located?

Forth is located at 1900 E Golf Road, Suite 550, Schaumburg, IL 60173.

How can I update my banking information?

Please call your debt settlement company or Forth via phone 877-800-5577 or email clients@setforth.com to update your banking information.

Where do I login to view my account details and statements?

You can view account details and access statements online at client.forthpay.com or by contacting Forth Pay at 877-800-5577