Our Values

Do the Right Thing

Everything we do is rooted in a deep respect for our clients, our partners and our customers. Doing the right thing is inherent in our nature; we’ll always go the distance to demonstrate authentic respect for others to create strong, lasting relationships built on mutuality.

We’re on a Mission

We are on a mission larger than ourselves or our company. Together, we are helping to ensure that all consumers who have fallen into debt have a manageable path to financial wellness and the “second chance” they need to regain peace of mind and control over their own financial futures.

Collaboration Drives Growth

Collaboration isn’t just something we do; it’s a part of our DNA. Embracing and harnessing the unique experiences, expertise and passions of each and every team member is what collectively makes us a company that is diverse, dynamic and whole.

Invention is Our Fuel

We’re not afraid to own the fact that we have a growth mindset, and invention is our fuel. As a result, our culture is both rigorously discipline-driven and deeply creative. Through this unexpected combination, we work with our clients and partners to confront their needs with remarkable openness, depth and breadth. And in the process, we’re able to anticipate change in ways that allow us to keep ahead of the curve.

We Focus on Outcomes

In pursuit of financial wellness, going the distance to eradicate debt is the name of the game. In the bigger picture, we see ourselves as stewards of our customers’ journey through debt relief, guided by our deep, data-driven conviction that exiting indebtedness is the best possible way to set the stage for a future that is free from financial stress.