Process payments in one powerful platform

Collect smarter and get paid faster with the Forth CRM. A host of industry-leading integrations and robust tracking and reporting features help your teams service accounts with ease.


capabilities include:


Our proprietary settlement and negotiation module optimizes daily tasks for negotiators, with ready-to-settle reports and detailed client information available in one click. The dynamic payment scheduler, fee forecaster and amortization schedule tool drives situational awareness and assists negotiators in building flexible settlement terms.

Settlement Negotiations

With our proprietary evaluation tool, a DSC manager can set predetermined scoring rules in the system, allowing a negotiator to work systematically and efficiently through a list of most likely to be approved settlement offers without needing to review the consumer’s file.

Settlement Management

Our proprietary and comprehensive settlement scheduling tool allows DSCs the flexibility to forecast and manage one or more settlement offers to determine the most effective option for the consumer. Settlement payments, reimbursement fees and earned performance fees are calculated to ensure the consumer maintains the necessary balance to achieve the best results, based on existing and future available funds.

Payment Processing

Process payments with ease using a number of integrations including Forth Pay (formerly DPG), GCS, NMI,, EPPS, Equipay, ACHWorks, Actum and dozens more. Support for ACH, credit card, eChecks, direct pay and check payments is available.

Creditor Management

Our dedicated creditor management module provides a comprehensive look at creditors present across all clients, aggregates statistics about each creditor, and generates customizable debt reports.