Billing Policies


Forth, Inc. bills all clients in arrears. Invoices are created and sent out within the first 5 days of each calendar month. Invoices include all usage and enhancements for the previous calendar month.

Example: An invoice sent on January 1st, would include charges for the December usage of all account logins. We do not pro­rate usage. The account will be charged for every user that has logged into the system at least once for the prior month. If the account has no active users, the account will be billed the minimum amount per agreement in order for the account to remain active. To view the user login details in the system go to the “Admin” tab and click on the link “Usage”.

Cancellation of Enhancements

Please contact to request cancellation of an enhancement. The billing department will see that the enhancement is deactivated and remove the fee from future invoices. Requests to cancel must be made by the 5th of the current billing period to avoid being charged in full. If the request is made after the 5th the entire fee will be owed on that period’s invoice; enhancement fee will not be prorated.

Example: If the request to cancel is made on January 4th, the fee will be removed and not be included in the February invoice. If a request to cancel an enhancement is made on January 7th, the normal fee will be included in the February invoice.


Account will be canceled from the date of the signed cancellation request or agreed-upon date. A prorated final invoice will be sent to you along with a cancellation form. Your form of payment we have on file will be charged immediately. Data will be exported to you once we have received your final payment and the cancellation form.